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Atlas Travel Insurance

Short-term travel health insurance for individuals traveling outside their home country.

Whether you are traveling for business or pleasure, Atlas Travel insurance may be just what you're looking for. Plans are available from a minimum of 5 days or more with up to 1,000,000 USD of medical coverage. In addition to medical benefits for injuries and illnesses, Atlas Travel Insurance includes benefits for emergency medical evacuation, terrorism, political evacuation, and adventure sports.


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Atlas MultiTripsm

International health coverage for business travel professionals taking multiple trips throughout the year

Atlas MultiTrip is available to executives and their families who require annual medical insurance with coverage for multiple trips of 30 days duration or less. If you maintain medical coverage in your home country, Atlas MultiTrip is designed to take some of the risk out of your international business travel. Medical coverage: up to 1,000,000 USD per certificate period. Annual premium is 200 USD (excluding the U.S.) or 285 USD (including the U.S.) regardless of your age.


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HCC Life "Short-Term Medical" (STM)

Short-term temporary health insurance for individuals living in the US

This plan is an appropriate solution for individuals in need of temporary medical coverage. Short-term medical insurance plan protects against unforeseen accidents and sicknesses, available to individuals between jobs, students, new employees waiting for coverage to begin, U.S. citizens living abroad who return to America for short-term home visits, newly arrivals/immigrants in the U.S., or any eligible person who is temporarily without health insurance coverage.


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Hospitals. Medical Centers. Clinics. Doctors.


How to Find a Hospital, Medical Center, Clinic or Doctor?


U.S. Network & International Network

HCCMIS maintains relationships with hospitals and doctors throughout the world. Many of your provider selection decisions will be based on geographical location and provider specialties. Outside of the US, please contact us or visit Client Zone if you need assistance locating a medical provider. Within the US, selecting a provider from one of the networks listed below may reduce your out-of-pocket expenses. You may search for participating providers by clicking on the logo below that corresponds to the one on your ID Card.


1) U.S. Provider Network

The CMN network is for major medical, foreign travel and other expatriate benefit plans offering service at Centers of Excellence with over 400,000 physicians. The CMN network offers nationwide coverage across the U.S. with concentrations in metropolitan and urban cities, traditional travel states, and many rural areas. To search for providers participating in our network, please visit: Provider Search Engine. (See Note 1 below for direct billing arrangements.)

2) International Network

For your convenience, The CMN/EA International Provider Network spans approximately 200 countries and territories worldwide with over 2,000 hospitals and clinics and over 6,000 physicians. To search for providers participating in our network, please visit: International Provider Search Engine. (See Note 1 below for direct billing arrangements.)


Medical Evacuation

HCC Medical Insurance Services arranges for medically necessary evacuations through various service providers throughout the world. Call (800) 605-2282 within the US, or call collect from outside the US at +1-317-262-2132 and indicate that you have a medical emergency.



Note 1:

Prior to seeking treatment, we recommend that members call into HCCMIS at 1-800-605-2282 or 1-317-262-2132. A designated member of the Case Management team will coordinate all healthcare services and work with the healthcare provider to ensure that direct billing arrangements are in place. Please note that although a provider appears on this list, it does not necessarily mean that direct billing can be arranged. It is advised that you call HCCMIS prior to seeking treatment.

Every effort has been taken to ensure the accuracy of the information, however new information is received on a frequent basis and all changes may not be included in the results. Equian reserves the right, without notice, to update the information within this International Provider Network.



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